How much

Public : 0.1ETH 0.05ETH

Whitelist : 0.05ETH 0.025 ETH

How many

Public : 17,000

Whitelist : 2,500


Public: May 17, 11:00 AM UTC - May 24, 11:00 AM UTC

Whitelist: May 17, 09:00 AM UTC - 11:00 AM UTC


1. Buy Superblocks(Nether NFTs) on Arbitrum. 2. Transfer your NFTs to the Over chain via this website. 3. Earn an OVER airdrop for every NFT.

Please note that the schedule for transfers will be announced soon. It is crucial to complete the transfers within the specified period to qualify for the OVER airdrop.

‘Omnilayer’, a place that once established itself as a small city-state. Utilizing a mysterious substance known as ‘Superblock,’ they flourished their civilization. However, the energy of Superblock defied the natural order, and by this unexplainable force, the world’s surface gradually became desolate. Omnilayer, in its pursuit to escape the polluted wasteland, concentrated its technology and research into urban levitation, ultimately transforming into a paradise in the sky.

Glory was fleeting, as Omnilayer soon became burdened by overload, and eventually, the entire city teetered on the brink of fall. To prevent this, the council accepted a scientist’s proposal to detach the areas excluding the central district. This action led to the division of Omnilayer into the airborne city of ‘Overlayer’ and the fallen ‘Netherlayer.’

Overlayer thrived by shedding all unused items into Netherlayer, lightening its load and maintaining its former prosperity. Meanwhile, Netherlayer extracted Superblock from discarded scrap and developed unique engineering by combining it with past technologies, enduring life on the harsh surface.
‘Nether’ or ‘Nethers.’ Denoting the inhabitants of Netherlayer, the forsaken, or the sacrificed. This term with various meanings is also used to refer to individuals. Like this man who awakened amidst a pile of junk. He had pieced together his shattered body from discarded scrap, but his memories remained shattered by the fall. While searching through the dump as he always did, he came across an old propaganda paper.“

“Join the ranks of Overlayer citizens today! Submit your Superblocks to the immigration office now! - Overlayer Ministry of Foreign Affairs -”

If he had fallen from the sky, his origin must undoubtedly be that hovering city. All clues pointed towards Overlayer. With a steadfast determination to return and reclaim his memories, he set forth on his journey.